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Okami...I have the capspray system and have had good luck with both solvent based and waterbased conversion systems. I just sprayed some Mohawk waterbourne, 80 sheen gloss that I then wet sanded and polished with the Rotex and it came out fine. I used the #3 tip and it was pushing it a bit. The satin I didn't rub out and there were some pinholes that concerned me while the finish was wet but were not noticeable after it dried. If I was to do a lot with the capspray and a waterbased clear system conversion or otherwise I would get a #4 tip. I have the #5 tip and I use that for spraying water-based enamels that looks like heck after I spray but with a splash of Floetrol it levels out fine. The Floetrol is for water based enamel only. You will need to tweak things to get a look comparable to a conventional gun. The Mohawk conversion really dried clear and I did some samples next to the solvent based conversion over some dark stained poplar mimicing dark stained mahogany and was impressed. You need to let it temper a bit after you mix the catalyst. It doesn't have the solvent resistance like the solvent based but it is better than conventional water systems. IMHO. I would get the cleaning tools and order extra gaskets, packing, etc., and break down and clean the guns often. You can adjust the airflow and fluid flow so I recommend spending some time seeing what works best. It is nice not dealing with a compressor or wasting material cleaning out an airless hose. I hope this helps.
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