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Default Re: Bridge city better than the stock market

Originally Posted by Poto View Post
That's pretty standard for BCTW on ebay. I have a flushing chisel that I got for $150 - I've seen it go for over $300 on ebay. It's unusual when a BCTW tool goes for less than retail - somebody got a good buy!

I'm not totally convinced that the trend will continue: I don't think that the new anodized aluminum tools will fetch such a high premium. The stainless steel ones might, though. We'll see...
Hey, I bought a turning tree Bridge City Tool Works - TT-1 Turning Tree - Turning Tree while Bridge City still sold them for the going rate. Last week I saw one go for over $350. Trouble with buying them for investment purposes if your going to "use" them is to try prying it out of your hands when your wife wants to sell it.

Regarding whether the trend will continue with the new anodized look - you would have to look at it in another way. Yes the older brassy - wood trim versions had the "old world craftsman thing look" going for them. But the new ones have a special "it" factor due to their ingenuity of design. That has go to count for something. That "ingenuity of design" has seemed to be on the rise lately with the new generation of tools.

Peter could probably attest to the ingenuity of the "newest" design coming out - but his lips are still sealed.

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