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I wasn't trying to get into the technicalities, and obviously you know your onions, With external storage being so cheap I have a terabyte of storage available just for pictures, Any I want to keep are stored here as TIFFS, If I want to post them on the net or do something else with them they are copied and manipulated to the desired size format etc. Maybe I misunderstood you, I took you to mean you were storing your photos as .JPGS and the point I was trying to make was why spend thousands of dollars to get the perfect picture Quality wise then save the result as .JPG a format that actually degrades the Image, which seemed kind of strange to me and wanted to make you aware of this , obviously you was One other reason I like to save images like this many photos I have taken a have been ok and then after I havent seen them for awhile I can see another photo within the photo that was not apparent in the first place with some creative cropping and having the maximun image quality availble good photos can be made great.

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