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Default Re: Krenov Style Jack Plane

I prefer bevel down because you can keep the irons sharpened at their optimum angles which would depend on the steel. I think M2,HSS, HCS steels perform the best honed at 25 - 27 deg. A2 between 30 and 33.

Once you go past about 35 deg sharpening angle the edge blunts very quickly OTOH less than 24-23 deg the edge chips, folds or otherwise degrades very quickly as well. I use a bevel up low angle block plane (veritas apron plane). I use it to finely tune end grain cuts. It has a 12 deg bed angle and I have the A2 iron honed at 32.5(the longest lasting edge angle for me with this iron). combine the 32.5 and 12 deg bed angle and that is the same as a bevel up plane with a 44.5 deg bed angle. A 45 bed angle bevel down would function the same and a 40 deg bed angle might just sing thru that end grain. HMMMM Ive got another plane to build.

I dont think bevel up in wood planes would work as well as they do in metal planes due to the lower bed angles needed for bevel up planes.
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