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Default Re: Krenov Style Jack Plane

The Octopus smoother went for a trade. I get 100bf of 6/4 quilted maple pomele and he gets the smoother. I will probably toss in the ebony plane adjusting hammer for another 10bf.

I think I got a pretty good deal.

Id prefer not to sell the original Moby since she was my first, but will make more. They keep getting better and better anyway.

Here is a price list for the 2 planes and options

Octopus smoother- 195.00
available in Jatoba, Purpleheart, Olivewood (add 20.00)
pin and wedge are in wenge add 20.00 for ebony

Moby Dick Jack- 275.00
same options as above

Ebony plane hammer add 30.00 if purchasing a plane. If ordering 2 the hammer is free.

I can also make planes suited for a particular task or optimized for your favorite woods.

All planes ship finely tuned and include a razor sharp 3/16" thick hock iron. They will be ready to go out of the box.
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