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Default Re: Krenov Style Jack Plane

Originally Posted by EijiFuller View Post
The pins are 9/16" square to start. The length is just shy of the plane finish width. I cut 1/16" deed cheeks on the table saw and then dadoed a board to be able to hold the pin vertical on the drill press. The square pin is held upright in the dadoed board and a plug cutter is used to cut the tenon. Clean up the cheeks with a sharp chisel and shape the pin to the desired shape leaving one side untouched. When drilling the tenon I made sure that the same side of the pin was facing the fence on each cut.

It's in the book Michael!
If only there was a tool that could hold the square stock and spin it so that you could hold, say, a chisel against it while it was spinning, and make part of it round.

Still, in the absence of a lathe, your technique worked pretty well, Eiji.
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