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Default Krenov Style Jack Plane

Ok so its not a pretty as Sparky's plane because I had to use what I had.

I had a nice and very hard piece of African Mahogany for the body, the wedge and pin are wenge, and the sole (glued to the center before the sides were attached) is Jatoba.

The plane is about 17" long and utilizes a 2" hock blade and chip breaker set at 55 deg.

The pin was set at about 1 5/8" up from the bottom. Its a bit higher than I would like but I had to set it that high for finger clearance when clearing chips.

I only have a 1" blade for my bandsaw explaining the jagged cuts, got a little shaping to do.

The underside showing the Jatoba sole.

Close up of the mouth. It looks a bit larger than it should but thats only because the blade is retracted a bit. The opening with the blade set for a nice shaving is probably about .005"
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