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Default Re: Anybody notice this? ....

Originally Posted by Poto View Post
You guys must not pay much attention to either the BCTW site or the other threads here. Check these out:

Bridge City Tool Works - AMP-6i Angle Master Pro 6i - AMP-6i Angle Master Pro 6i

What the heck is this?

Peter, I actually didn't catch that earlier but in taking a closer look it does look like a new modification on the Angle Master.
I think having a clear title on the threads would help, I myself am guilty when I started this one.
So at four in the morning I thought of starting a clear titled thread, and then had second thoughts because now there's 3 threads on one little Angle Master.....
But because of the tF software I can't delete a first post.

I'm going back to sleep.

Side by side comparison of Discontinued and New Angle Master.....Bridge City's New "Angle Master"


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