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To extend Colin's comment...

Good points and a very good question! The mods and admins have been discussing this for a while. Like many things, the key issues are what you should and when you should do it.

Regarding the "when", this is a toughie because we don't want to overreact or under-react.

Regarding the "what", this falls into three categories:

Mod and Admin Team - Right now, we have a pretty good team of Mods and Admins. The team approach allows us lots of flexibility and we can back fill each other. If one of us needs a break, gets sick, or takes a vacation, others can fill in. Our current team should be able to handle the load for the near and medium term.

System Resources - We are on an advanced that that will expand to meet future needs.

Forum Software - talkFestool uses vBulletin forum software. It is the best, most secure software available. It hosts some VERY large forums.

A big example from the the vBulletin support forum:
Threads: 129,265, Posts: 7,589,135, Members: 58,461
(The admin on this forum mentioned that they had some threads with 14,000 posts!)
JLC Online:
Threads: 37,245, Posts: 361,509, Members: 18,328
Sawmill Creek:
Threads: 87,161, Posts: 901,022, Members: 36,465, Active Members: 9,320
This software has excellent expandability.

Forum Structure -We are looking at ways of making forum structure changes to better meet our needs. The goal is to make the forum readable and easy to use.

Note - One thing we want to do is implement well-considered changes. WE do NOT want to make fast, continual changes because constant change is a hassle for all of us.


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