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Default Re: My new Harold and Saxon Tools

hi philip and john.
as i have never used a strop before now. i honestly dont know which is a better option.

i was intrigued by this method of sharpening as i was not aware it until i met trent and he gave me a demonstration.
i was amazed at how well the chisels hold their edge and also even more amazed at this wonderful, easy method of sharpening the chisels quickly on the go.

i ordered both sets of chisels in the first week of october 2009.
i only became aware of how long some people have been waiting for their orders after i had made my initial order.
i volunteered to have my chisels passed on to someone else if someone else was waiting before me.
trent explained that this was not the case, and that he was sending his orders out correctly.

btw, i have not been given a finish date for my next order, but i expect that trent will be completing his orders as soon as possible.

i dont mind waiting, the quality of these tools are absolutely stunning and well worth the wait in my humble opinion.

regards, justin.
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