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Default Re: My new Harold and Saxon Tools

Originally Posted by justinmcf View Post
I have just picked these up yesterday from Trent's factory/workshop.

The handles are Tiger Myrtle, brass ferule and the blades are cryogenically treated M2 high speed steel.

I believe Fred, John and a few others have these wonderful tools. I am now a proud owner myself and I thought I would share a few photo's before I start using/abusing them this afternoon!

I also received a calf hide strop which I can use to quickly resharpen the chisels.
The mallet is made from Crow's Ash, with Tiger Myrtle and a very hard Australian hardwood for the striking face. I will have to check with Trent to see what this hardwood is. Maybe Fred or John know?

I have also ordered a 6 piece set of heavy duty socket firmer chisels including a heavy duty mortising mallet.
Trent has informed me that I will be receiving the last set as he will no longer be producing this style of chisel.
He will be making similar chisels, but not exactly the same.

Anyway, enjoy the tool porn.
Sorry about the terrible photos, all advice is welcome!

Regards, Justin.

Yeah Mite, pretty flash eye?
I particularly like the way he has done the ferrules.
Not sure about the strop- my idea of a strop is one made from hard leather so that there can be no dubbing over-seems to me that that one would be good for carving tools not chisels. Ye olde Barbers strop is the thing.....
Philip Marcou
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