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Default Re: Bridge City Toolworks KM-1 Kerfmaker reviews

Originally Posted by sToolman View Post
Thanks for pointing that out Roger, you are correct. Made it more painless that way. BTW, you've been conspicuously quiet on the subject of the KM-1. What's your take on it? Are you getting a lot of use out of it or is it spending more time in the tool well? I would think it works well with the Jointmaker.
Actually, I have been using it(s). (different tools - different set ups - different KM-1's) I agree with Nelic's approach, keep in mind that as you first start using the KM-1 it might seem counter-intuitive and it is a very tight "tool" "instrument".

If I didn't chime in earlier it's because I've been a little distracted with the new arrival of the JMP upgrade prototype. In a few days after I give my initial outline review of the upgrade I intend to go into more depth and within that time I'll be using the KM-1 within those set ups - with photos.

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