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Default Re: Bridge City Toolworks KM-1 Kerfmaker reviews

Played some more with it today, Wayne you are right, it's difficult on the ts fence. It can be done, but it takes a very gentle hand. Also, I think I'll make a jig to hold the (clamped) block of wood square to the fence rail next time. I got better results when I placed the KM-1 in the exact same position on the fence bar as the first cut. More of a learning curve than I thought.

I haven't used it on my miter saw but did use it with better success on the ts with my Dubby table Single Dubby Cutoff Fixture
It'll be nice to use for vertical half laps like for dividers in a jewelry box or humidor where a tight fit is desired.

Poto, you can lock it down seemingly tight but my bies. fence easliy knocks it out of position if you use anything more than a gentle bump. That's what happened when I was getting overly tight dados. I had to recalibrate.

I guess I'll keep it but am glad I got it when it was $39.
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