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Default Re: Bridge City Toolworks KM-1 Kerfmaker reviews


I have the kerfmaker and it works well for me - Most recently, I used with a kapex to cut some 90-degree cross lap joints for a cabinet and they were dead-on accurate. I did not follow the youtube video but instead the printed instructions. Don't have in front of me, but basically I did this:

- cut a kerf with the saw in a piece
- cross cut the piece to measure the actual kerf difference versus the original width and set the kerf maker to that dimension from the edge

This sets the kerf width.

- then used the kerfmaker to index the width of the half lap piece to measure the actual width I wanted for the dado / lap
- tightened the stop at that width
- laid it on the kapex table against a stop board which was clamped to an extension fence.
- cut one kerf
- flipped the kerfmaker
- cut the other kerf
- used the saw to clean out between the two
- fit was dead-on accurate for me

- repeated for each lap joint - eight in all

In my case, I used the saw to measure the exact kerf width. It sounds like you assumed a width on the router bit, and that could have introduced some error, but nothing like what you are suggesting. Somewhere something slipped.

Just found the video on youtube and watched it. It's pretty much the exact procedure I followed. I did not use calipers to set the kerf width.

good luck -

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