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Default Bridge City Toolworks KM-1 Kerfmaker reviews

Not many post-receipt comments on Roger's thread RE the KM-1 kerfmaker. A lot of hype before they released it but after they were released most went silent other than a couple who said they received theirs.
Bridge City Tool Works - KM-1 KerfMaker Pre-Order

I received mine and tried using it no avail on my OF1400 with guide rail. Where I perviously used John Lucas's tip with the playing cards ( Good Idea:* "Making dados to fit any width panel." ***** Page 1 ) I was using a 1/2" straight bit to cut a ~3/4" dado. Since the bit was exactly 1/2" wide, I used a 1/2" key-slot bar to calibrate it. After several attempts, the kerfs were either too wide or too narrow. I was right in the middle of a project so I decided to put it down until I finished.

Last night I picked it up again and began experimenting with some scrap on the table saw. This time cutting dados for ~1/4 plywood for drawer bottoms. Same thing. Either too tight or too wide. I calibrated the saw blade using the 2nd method described in the Youtube video.

I'm hoping it's just me and I'm doing something wrong. I want to figure it out before my 90 days run out so I can return it.

Looking for others who could add a review and maybe throw some tips my way. I bought this thing to save time but I know I can do it faster using my trial and error method.
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