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Default Re: Bridge City Toolworks "Jointmaker Pro Upgrade" Review . . .


The "prototype" linear table mechanisms (recirculating linear bearing system) arrived yesterday evening just as I needed to leave the studio. Of course I made the time to open up the package and at least perform the initial set up. My first impressions as I was walking the heavy box in from the UPS truck was, what else did Michael send put in there aside from the prototype rails and tables? Answer - The Prototype rails and tables. The package weight read 18 pounds (including the box). As you could see from the photos below it's a substantial unit weighing about twice the original ways and tables. (I'll check the weight today) There is absolutely no slop between the new sliders and the rail - the tolerances are very tight. I carefully inserted each rail into the pockets that are cut into the front and rear plates of the JMP, being sure to bottom it out in the pockets. (see close up below) The next time I get in Iíll be following Johnís checklist for aligning and securing the new upgrade. I have a bunch of miters to cut for a framing element on some bamboo cabinet doors and drawer fronts Iím making, so that will be the first task on my list. Hmmmm, naw! Cutting some maple 8/4 stock will be the first task!

Just pushing the tables back and forth as it loosely sat in its position was a pure joy. Yeah, itís a little noisier and one will probably not be able to talk on the phone and make cuts at the same time without the person on the other end of the line knowing that they do not have your undivided attention!
Well, I could live with that.

Below youíll see some comparable photos between the existing tables and ways and the upgrade prototype. John says that the production run will be laser etched white and that the sliders will be completely different although they will look quite similar.

Looking forward to my next installment.


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