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Default Re: The Light at the End of the Tunnel Won’t be a Strobe

Originally Posted by johne View Post
Hi scottw

It is one of those fiber optic gizmos like you said. I bought that like maybe 20 years ago. It allows you to do lots of weird lighting. It's trial and error and takes some experience to make it work and a lot of film . It was a bit of a trendy thing back then. It has all these little accesories, softboxes, fiberglass tubes etc all very small. Fun to play with. I started using it with digital lately and that works nicely because in stills you can easily sandwich good parts from different images. You could use any light source BTW, LED torch, normal torch, halogen construction lights for larger areas etc.
Thanks Johne,

Okay, I know exactly what you are talking about. The popular one here was called Are you ready for this ? The Hosemaster They were around $5000 +

Scott W.
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