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Default Re: The Light at the End of the Tunnel Won’t be a Strobe

Originally Posted by BobSwenson View Post

The one Shot color camera recoded three images on black and white glass plates. The light was separated by two partial mirrors and filtered through red, green and blue glass filters.
Funny that the first digital camera back i had in 1994 was a Leaf DCB three shot back with a resolution of, if i remember correctly 2048x2048 (which back in those days was EXTREMELY high resolution) It had a red blue and green revolving filter wheel in front of the lens. The computer (a mac 8100) needed 80MB of memory, which was also an EXTREMELY high amount of memory LOL. When you made the shot it would fire the strobes 3 times and composite the colour image in the computer. Only stills could be shot or single shot black and white. I must say the BW shots from that back were the best i have seen to date. Because of the monochrome chip it behaved pretty much the same as coventional Black and White film
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