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Originally Posted by tvgordon View Post

You are going to use Lightroom instead of CS3 for your RAW files?

Tom, opening a RAW (NEF) file in either LR2 or CS3 brings up a control panel for tweaking the file, but the CS3 panel has far more controls. Of course, once the file is converted to another format, those panels are useless and they disappear.

I'll probably use LR2 mostly for photo file management like Dan said. If the RAW file doesn't need much tweaking, it would much easier and faster just to do it in LR before converting it to JPEG, rather than taking it to CS3 first. I do have many years of experience using Photoshop, so I to tend to gravitate towards that for everything I do in bitmap files.

However, I haven't yet been able to compare the conversion results of the two programs, so I'm still not sure how my workflow will go. I do know that I don't care much for the ViewNX software that came with the camera, but some say that it does the best job of conversion to JPEG.

Maybe this is one of those cases where the results of any of this software are so close that only a true expert can tell the difference.

Right now, my biggest challenge is learning to use the camera itself.

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