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Default Re: Mirka Sandpaper

Thanks, Dan. I should add that the seller is not a Mirka dealer - they sell garage flooring and auto detailing products. Since they treated me so fairly, I don't mind sharing the links to their eBay store and website in case you or the other auto enthusiasts here would like to check them out:

eBay store: hotgarageflooring
web site: pacificprodux

Back to the Mirka topic:
For what it's worth, when I bought my Abranet sanding system, the seller also had this "Mirka Abranet Jet-Vac Sanding System" for sale in the eBay store (Buy It Now price: $219). It's still there, with no bids, if anyone is interested. Here's the product description:

Mirka’s exclusive Abranet Jet-Vac sanding system is dust-free and effective – at the same time. This dust-free sanding solution delivers superior operator comfort and versatility with the most powerful and effective self-generated vacuum system available. It converts a Bulldog sander to vacuum-ready with an easy-to-use conversion kit, producing a high velocity “vac” of tool exhaust air that removes dust from the work area. The diffuser then channels both air and dust into the disposable collection bag. It uses Abranet discs, made with thousands of small holes that collect dust in half-millimeter increments. This provides efficient dust extraction from the entire surface of the disk, and offers even grain distribution for a more consistent finish and improved surface appearance. For the 6” Bulldog model. Note: Backing plate not included.

The MJVS6 Kit Contains:
Mirka bulldog sander
Vacuum conversion kit
Dust collector bags

Suggested Retail Price: $275.95
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