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Default Re: Hi to all

Welcome Gary!

Thanks for sharing your story of WWing in the dorm,
that's about as unusual as your planes.

I really like the fact that you carried out your radical hand plane design. It makes a ton of sense yet it still seems to be too different for most people to accept. I tried your planes and they work great.

The only one I didn't try is the block plane which suddenly lept into my mind when I saw your post.

There are lots of small block planes out there, some are even called "apron plane" but this is the only one that won't drag your apron down when it's in the pocket.

I was also very impressed with the workbenches. They're a great combination of stability, versatility, and it's amazing that they're portable.

Finally, I'm mystified at how you know you met me. I'm sure I didn't bother to introduce myself as I rarely do and I'd just had the amusing experience of introducing myself to my Festool ISW (of five years) and he had already started to walk away before the introduction meant anything to him.
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