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My name is Gary Blum and I am the owner of Blum Tool Co. I would first like to thank Fred ( and whoever else) for setting up this manufacturers forum section. I think it is a great idea and takes away all the uncertainty of whether or not to post and what is allowed as happens on the other forums.

I have ( and still do ) run a furniture/cabinet shop called Blum's Furniture Shop for the last 22 years in Walnut, Iowa. I caught the woodworking bug real bad in college, which quickly morphed into tool collecting also. I'm sure I am the only student who ever kept old tools in his dresser drawers and then kept them open so I could look at them. Good thing I was an RA and had my own room! I built several pieces of furniture in there and used hand tools out of necessity. I just didn't figure I could keep the noise down enough with a tablesaw.

This interest in woodworking and tools stayed with me through the years and I was always sketching designs for tools, planes especially. I have had various Felder machines for the last 15 years, and their planer cuterhead with the insert knives is what got me thinking that if that little knife will stand up to 5000 RPMs, why couldn't you design a system for a hand plane using the same principle. A small knife with massive backup for support. Once I had that idea, the actual design came pretty quickly. The idea for my portable workbenches came about over the noon hour one day after working all morning off the floor at jobsite where I was building a fireplace wall. I was just trying to save my knees. Wilth those two ideas , I decided to start developing them and started this venture. I do have patents on my sharpening box and portable workbenches, and a patent pending on my plane design.

I very much enjoy meeting fellow woodworkers and talking tools. I did get to meet some of the TF guys at WIA in Philly. I of couse know Fred and then Joe Raftery, but I can't remember the names of the other two guys at the table. I do remember their political persuasion though! I met Michail Kellough also.

Thanks everyone for your indulgence on this little writeup. Blum Tool Co. is a very small outfit that consists of me and my wife Ruth. I personally make every tool that leaves my shop, and when you call either her or I will answer the phone. We will always strive to answer e-mails quickly, so our customers are kept informed. Feel free to call or e-mail with any questions you might have.

Thank you.

Gary Blum
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