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Default Re: Palm brace and drill driver set from BCTW

Originally Posted by RONWEN View Post
I am after all (unlike some others) a tool USER not a collector. I was thinking about the practicality of the brace and there are many places (my uses) it just wouldn't swing or I would need a third hand to use it. With my wonderful Festools, I don't see myself evolving into a "no electricity" woodworker -- I do have electricity in my shop.
Because I like BCT tools so much I got caught up in trying to justify this beautiful tool -- I'm going to pass, they will have lots more tools that better fit my user "profile". Fred can order an extra one (mine) for in his glass cases.
The CD-16 appears to lack a ratchet chuck. Am I correct about that? From a user standpoint (--I regularly use a variety of braces and hand drills, mostly to drill but occasionally to turn stubborn screws--) I think that lack considerably diminishes its valued as a handtool. This says absolutely nothing, of course, about the sheer prettiness of the little BCTW brace. And we all know that sheer prettiness--the Gollum Factor--can take a tool an awfully long way!
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