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Default Re: Palm brace and drill driver set from BCTW

Well, that just cuts to the essence of it, doesn't it, Michael? Does anyone really need a black chrooome (excellent pronunciation by the way) palm brace? Or a Marcou? Or a Lie-Nielsen for that matter? No. But if it makes you feel good, then you should get one. And if (as Ron mentioned earlier) it makes you strive to work to a higher level, then by all means.

As Sharon always says to me when I'm dithering over a tool, "Need/want. Need/want." At some point "need" is not the issue.
I don't have as many Festools as Fred. Or Marcou's, or Brese's, or Lie-Nielsen's, or Lee Valley's, or Blue Spruce's, or Harold and Saxon's, or...
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