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Default Re: Palm brace and drill driver set from BCTW

Originally Posted by RONWEN View Post
That brings up an interesting question on drill point grinds. In metals there are various grind angles, relief angles, split points, thinned webs and special grinds for different metal applications. -- My experience with woods has been that my 59 degree (118 included) bit angles work fine but usually brad points work a little better. I wonder what grinds are on the BCT and Centrotec drill bits?
The photo at BCT can be enlarged enough that you can probably tell the grind angle if really interested.This too is not something that is likely to matter with a hand cranked tool. You're not going to drill metal with it, are you? If I were buying this stuff I'd only be interested in the brad point drill bits. It's very hard to find good quality brad points with a properly made hex shank.
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