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Default Re: Palm brace and drill driver set from BCTW

Originally Posted by Poto View Post
Well, the Black Chroooome Palm Brace just came up. Seems a steal at $279!

Bridge City Tool Works - CT-16 Palm Brace

(That's not including the drill bits and drivers...)
Individual sets are offered through a link near the bottom of the Brace page to individual sets if you wanted to add to the "works" or just order what you might need.......

"There are many bits available today that will fit in the CT-16 and we have selected 60 bit assortment, all made in America, that will address 99% of your needs within the capacity of this gorgeous tool. They are available as a complete set here(you save $30) or you can acquire those bit sets that suit your needs and budget."

The offering of the individual bit sets could be a little clearer then through that one little link.. (I already wrote Mike & John)
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