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Default Palm brace and drill driver set from BCTW

Okay, so it's just the drill and driver set so far. Hopefully we'll see the black chroooome palm brace soon.

Here's the link to the drill and driver set. Bridge City Tool Works - Drill and Driver Kit - 62 Pc Drill and Driver Kit I spent a long time talking with John about this set when I was at the WIA show. Apparently he spent weeks traipsing around China, trying to find someone who could make a decent set of drill bits. He found one place that made the standard sizes (like 4 bits out of 20) out of HSS, but the rest were crappy metal painted to match the HSS. So he gave up, and found an American company would could make them all to his specs. Go John!

Given that quality, I'm imagining that this set is a much better value than something you'd get at any of the box stores, or perhaps even LV. They'll hold their edge better and generally be more durable.

Now bring on the Palm Brace! Black chrooooome!
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