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Default Fun new things from Bridge City Toolworks...

Check out John Economaki's blog Bridge City Tools Behind the Scenes to see what they're up to. Fun stuff!!!

New bearings for the Jointmaker Pro
A single-wing Jointmaker
Re-order on the Kerfmaker
The new black chroooooome palm brace (CT16)
Re-/Pre-order on the next run of the drilling jig.

Hey - shouldn't we put a Bridge City place on the "Manufactureres and Vendors of Fine Tools" part of the forum? Might help to focus some of our discussion - and potential interest of buyers...

I was hooked by the shelf of planes in the background of the JMP video. I guess they're the HP-6 planes and soles?
I don't have as many Festools as Fred. Or Marcou's, or Brese's, or Lie-Nielsen's, or Lee Valley's, or Blue Spruce's, or Harold and Saxon's, or...

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