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Default Re: Low budget performance

Philip, I certainly take your point. If we take Okami as a good example, he doesn't own any (possibly 1) Festools, as I recall an old, low end worn band saw, some Veritas planes which aren't "cheap" but also aren't considered high end planes -- who knows (if it's possible) how much better his work might be if he owned your incredible planes. I think especially in his case the difference might be in the enjoyment of using those beautiful, fine tools in his work.
The point I would make is that if you take me as an example, I was a skilled toolmaker working with my hands very early in my career (so I'm not all thumbs), worked at a desk most all of my remaining work life -- now put your amazing planes in my hands and in no way, shape or form will I produce something like Okami or Eiji do regularly.

I think for many the joy comes from owning such fine tools and they also will never become masters in the craft by using those tools -- and that is certainly OK. I do enjoy trying though.

Originally Posted by Philip Marcou View Post
Ai yi yi yi......Consider then a combination of high quality user plus high quality tool and whaddaya get?
In passing I must say that one shouldn't condemn Stanley or any of the others outright-they supplied usable tools to the masses for many years and folk did a ton of work with them. Some planes were better than others, or some were not as bad as others.
I think that after using Stanley and Record planes for most of my life, and recently having re-built/pimped up/ restored close to 80 of them I can say that they can be made to perform certainly better than when they first came out of the box-the question remaining is "Is it worth the bother?"
I would say "Not". But then one may enjoy the process-or have no other option.
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