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Default Re: Has the economy affected your business?

Want to buy a hybrid at a dicount? Work for Google. My brothers wife works for google and recently bought a prius. Seems that that had a program that if you bought one they would pitch in $5000.

Back to the question asked originally, I drive a ford f350 that pulls a 5000 lb plus trailer. Gas mileage is 10 to 11 mpg. Bought a truck cap in the hopes that I could consolidate all those systainers and other tools in the truck and eliminate taking the trailer on smaller jobs. Working on that now. Also turning down work if the distance is too far. Also consolidating days if the schedule isn't full. Stay at home and make days fuller.

If I had a crew we would be working 4 10 hour days. A Friday off one week and then the following Monday off one set of weeks and then alternating. Good for morale - 4 day weekends twice a month.

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