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Default Re: The "X-Y" Blue Rover (A Linear 2 Axis Jig for Bridge City's -DJ-1)

Originally Posted by NedYoung View Post

Rather than tape the rule to the work, how about attaching the rule to the rail using the upward facing slot? The short rule currently on the body would need to be moved to the back of the Edge Guide. A slot-attached rule could be very easily adjusted.
I actually gave that some thought and tried it. I found that having it on the work and then moving The Blue Rover with it's embedded 6 inch rule center over center or center over some digit on the taped down rule was easier to adjust. Now if your riding right along the rail then yes the short rule could be embedded on the other side. (which there is a slot) and matched up there. Also, one could place a longer rule where I taped it down and clamp it on either side. The situations are fluid, sometimes a couple of pieces of painters tape is the easiest solution, not the sexiest though.

thanks for your feedback,
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