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Default Re: Brown & Sharpe Surface Grinder Rebuild by Philip Marcou

Not just duplicated: improved! Look how much beefier the new part is in the regions that will have stresses.

And don't you just love the idea that when a part breaks, you just whip out your hunk of mild steel and make yourself a new one?!? I'd love to have the ability to do that. I don't think I'd ever leave my shop. I'd keep breaking things, just so I could make a new piece.

Hey Philip - how'd you like to make me a Marcou pasta machine? Something like this Atlas Original Italian Pasta Machine, Atlas Original Italian Pasta Machine,... but with the Marcou touch?
I don't have as many Festools as Fred. Or Marcou's, or Brese's, or Lie-Nielsen's, or Lee Valley's, or Blue Spruce's, or Harold and Saxon's, or...
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