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Default Brown & Sharpe Surface Grinder Rebuild by Philip Marcou


Philip will have some new progression pictures tomorrow on the planes but today he sent me the pictures of the rebuild he did of his Brown & Sharpe Surface Grinder. I love these rebuilds and I know that several of you, like John, Ron, Michael, Roger, Peter etc., could also probably do this as well but I do not think that I could and because of that I enjoy seeing it even more. My biggest problem is that I miss a lot of the little nuances that mean so much and between Philip and you all I have the pleasure of getting to see what I would have normally missed.


"These pictures show the Brown &Sharpe surface grinder I bought from next door where they make electronic brake light circuits for Hella. Made in 1926 I think, done tons of work, been fixed countless times on the fly-some good repairs others not.
The part I replaced was made from cast iron, had cracked and someone did a quick job by brazing-possibly thinking to just finish a job, so I have no idea how long it lasted. I made a new part from mild steel, which will see that machine out no doubt. The band saw did most of the work including cutting the key slot and the pinching slit, and my home made belt grinder shaped it nicely and cleaned it up. Took about a morning to make then reassembled it in the afternoon.
I also show a fixture I made to hold planes for surface grinding- the plane is set up square in it , on the granite surface block, then the whole thing is placed on the magnetic table of the surface grinder.
The other fixture is a home made device for grinding bevels of blades- works beautifully and is used every time I make a plane or rebuild one.
I also use a pair of precision vises to hold work under the grinder-they ofcourse are held by the magnetic table. Those vises are "cheap Chinese" but excellent quality-beautifully made , absolutely square all round -and hardened- I just had to modify the screw to get them right."
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