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Default Re: there they go again..... Bridge City Tools

Originally Posted by RogerSavatteri View Post
This all sounds familiar, but much like that dream you had during the night but in the morning upon waking in just a little out of reach.

What was the design challange in this case?

p.s. I don't know about that term expert, far too much pressure.

Hey Roger,
Wayne will have to post it again if he has it. It wasn't terribly complex but it was something of a stretch for us amateurs. Basically it was a cradle with spindles all around the perimeter of a dished out base with the spindles extending to a curved rail that circled the whole way around.
If Wayne doesn't still have it, I can probably find his old posting here someplace. I don't need the cradle but it looked like a good learning experience. If any of that sounds familiar to you, it was probably you that commented on it at the time (a few months ago).
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