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Default Two little new toys for me

And yes... I am still alive. Just been busy with a major project at work so I haven't be able to make any saw dust lately. Though I have managed to collect quite the collection of Sapele cut offs from a local door maker. (It's going to be a chopping block christmas for my family )

In any case... After doing a few drum projects these past couple weeks I scratched together some spending money to do some MUCH needed improvements to my table saw. It's just your average old delta but powerful enough for anything I need to throw at it. What it did lack was a miter gauge and decent saw blade.

So hopefully by the end of the week I'll be posting a review and photos of my new Incra 5000 Miter Sled and if you really want it (as if it hasn't been reviewed 3598792379825 times) the Ridge Carbide TS2000 blade. Decided on the blade over the WoodWorker II because of the flat cut you get. The older WWII I used to build that jewelry box made the rabbet's a pain in the rear.

I searched but hadn't seen anyone mention the Incra sled here... Anyone else have it? Reviews are pretty much raving and I figured I might as well buy the best tool I could afford in that regards. (Plus Pete never emailed me about his band saw so I had to spend money somewhere! )
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