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Default Re: Painting plywood edges?

here's a solution with a prequel story.......

Some years back when I earned my living by "finishing" (wood finishing, metal patinas, epoxy finishes) rather than "making things" I had the finishing contract for L.A. Eyeworks. (the architect was Neil Denari) My mission was to apply an epoxy finish on the architectural interior elements which was fabricated from MDF. (refer to the 6 photos in this link - L.A. Eyeworks : NEIL M. DENARI ARCHITECTS - the photo advance is just above the first photo) The sleigh object, the counter in the back and the two long wall displays are made from MDF, butt jointed. So I had to deal with sealing the edges before the blue two part epoxy was applied.
What I used was an automotive catalyzed "filler" primer that was sprayed on. It goes on rather thickly and then you sand it down to about 600 grit, this was all pre-festool sanders. It made the edges disappear. (I've also used it on plywood after the voids were filled with bondo with a fiberglass reinforcement. (not the cheapo stuff you get at the home stores.)
The primer is very nasty stuff to use that gives a kick-ass finish. It's also used as the finish coat when your making an original form in which you would later pull a plaster mould which would then be used to make fiberglass parts. (I'd have to call the auto supply store during the day to get the name.)

Long story short, since that time I really haven't come across a solution that gives the same effect as above, so I'm a little spoiled as far as sealing a plywood edge. What Michael suggested will work the best short of the above. What ever you do don't use the cheapo bondo to fill the voids. (it shrinks in time - and then you'll get a crackled edge)

more reading info for the diehards.......

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