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Default Re: New (sexy) Bridge City tool

Originally Posted by RogerSavatteri View Post

Wow, I'm a little late to this party!

I did chat with Natasha today (just now) and most probably, the rules that will be available will be English, Metric and flip English-Metric. Whether they will be available together as was in the DSS-6 Double Saddle Sq.-Set or ordered separately still remains to be seen.

I did ask her whether this gives us a break until November-ish for any more new tool roll outs from BCTW,,,,, her reply was basically .... a sweet no-comment.

The rules for the CS-12 SE will not be compatible with the DSS-6 or the CS-6.

Now, one hope for an accessory(s) to this whole package would be the option for an 18'' rule or set of rules!


p.s. take a look at the new design forum John is initiating on the BCTW forum. (I can't wait for the upload- picture video to come out)!

I'll second that, hopefully an 18" blade option.
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