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Default Bridge City's KM-1 and the TS55/TS75,,,,,,


I recently exchanged and email with someone here and the discussion of the KM-1 and it's application with the TS55/ TS75 came up. It's obvious application comes up with table saws, bandsaws, and all things with a stationary spinning blade (or JMP). The use with the TS series peeked my curiosity, so I wrote Michael over at BCTW,,,,, I thought I'd share it,,,,,,,here is his reply,,,,,,

"In order to use the KM1 with ts55, one would have to reference off the guide rail/fence that the ts55 rides in. You would clamp a stop block onto your table, butt the KM1 against that, then butt the guide fence to that. Two km1 would probably make more sense, one at each end of the fence.
Actually, doing that in reverse order would probably make it easier and with less transcribing of measurements. So, you would set the saw and fence to where you need it, clamp it down. Then butt the KM-1 to the fence, then clamp a stop block next to the KM-1."


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