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Default Re: "Popping" the grain with water based finishes...


I was going to post in a seperate thread but there's a great inexpensive way to get good spraying results.

Harbor freight sells a wonderful little HVLP detail gun. In fact I've grown so comfortable with it that I sold my Devilbiss and use it exclusively on my drums. When it's on sale it's around $20 and since I have a nice big compressor that's all I need for my finishes. It's designed to work with waterbased finishes but I think the lifespan is around 2-3 years tops. I consider it a disposable tool for the most part but it does a fantastic job with minimum dialing in. Not the right tool for the job for a huge project but for smaller things it's great. I haven't tried their bigger HVLP guns yet so I can't speak for them. The Devilbiss Finishline series is an affordable way to get a good gun for spraying though.
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