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Default Re: New Mystery Tool from Bridge City

Originally Posted by wnagle View Post

I got an email from bridge City about two weeks ago telling me If I bought the CS-2 and Tenon attachment together, I could get the CS-6 combination square for 14.09. Since I just recently bought those two Items, I called and asked if they would honor my previous purchase and let me get the combination square at 14.09.

She told me no, and further told me if I returned the first one and got a refund then I could re buy the items and take advantage of the special. Well speaking of special, it didn't make me feel like a customer that bridge city wanted to keep. I have planned on many future purchases to add to the purchases already made. Not to mention I didn't think it was fair to bridge city for me to return a used tool for a refund and re buy it new, just to get the square at 14.09.
A combination square for $14.09! Who authorized that sale!?! I need to meet with the marketing department, that's absurd!

Wayne, our records show that you purchased the CS-2 over 90 days ago. Now, BCTW tries it's best to provide quality service but the customer service department needs to draw the line somewhere. We do honor sale prices for recently purchased items and 30-45 days is pretty standard.
I hope you understand our position. Every customer is indeed important to us especially in this economy so please let me know if you have any more concerns.
Now, I need to go find who created this sale in the first place! $14.09!
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