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Default Re: New Mystery Tool from Bridge City


I got an email from bridge City about two weeks ago telling me If I bought the CS-2 and Tenon attachment together, I could get the CS-6 combination square for 14.09. Since I just recently bought those two Items, I called and asked if they would honor my previous purchase and let me get the combination square at 14.09.

She told me no, and further told me if I returned the first one and got a refund then I could re buy the items and take advantage of the special. Well speaking of special, it didn't make me feel like a customer that bridge city wanted to keep. I have planned on many future purchases to add to the purchases already made. Not to mention I didn't think it was fair to bridge city for me to return a used tool for a refund and re buy it new, just to get the square at 14.09.

I know you guys make great stuff and I know you have a hard time pleasing all your customers, but for a small thing like a 14.00 price on the square, I would think you'd treat your existing customers a little special too.

I'm not asking for anything from you, I still love your stuff, I'm still planning on getting the JMP on the next run and you new thingamajig, and other tools in the future... just letting you know I don't feel as compelled to bragging you guys up as much as I usually do. Food for thought.

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