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Default Re: New Mystery Tool from Bridge City

I have to say that I very much agree with Eiji and others about you when it comes to the business practice of BCTW. Strangely enough he recently said at one of the Hand Tool Events and I am paraphrasing that "BCTW going out of business for the last 25 years." Just looking through their discontinued tools is enough to drive me crazy. There are some incredible tools in there that would be so helpful yet they are no longer being made. I must admit that I really do not understand the "why" behind it all. The marketing from his blog is brilliant, the tools themselves are magnificent and the people that work there are great. Yet, I end up being more frustrated by BCTW than pleased. I also agree with Eiji in that if the tools were continually produced the higher prices would no longer be justified. I guess for me it comes down to this. I look at the BCTW website and I see some absolutely marvelous tools that I would/could use. So we have demand and I do not believe that I am the only one so that I think there is probably a fairly decent level of demand yet the supply side for the most part is so low in some cases as to almost be non-existent. There is a fairly small but potent amount of discontinued BCTW tools sold on ebay. Not only sold but the vast majority of the time it is sold for quite a bit more than it was retailing for when BCTW had it available. But this market does not help BCTW at all as they are not the ones selling the tools. It seems to me that John only need look at what happens on ebay to see what he could be doing by continuing production. I will 100% grant that this is a simplified model of what BCTW could do for many reasons but I will stand by the fact that the demand for their tools almost always far exceeds supply.

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