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Default Re: New Mystery Tool from Bridge City

Originally Posted by EijiFuller View Post
I still dont get it but I'm going to order 2 anyway. Im still kicking myself for not ordering the DJ-1.

I love the Bridge City Tools but hate their business model. I couldnt afford to put down the money for the DJ1 but now I can. It annoys the heck out of me that the DJ1 will probably never be produced again but there is still demand. Plus if they kept on producing it they could never justify there extremely high prices. Thus by only doing a one time run on the tools it inflates costs passed on to the buyers. As a proffessional woodworker I dont ever see being able to justify the cost of a BCT plane. I dont know where some people are getting the funds to pay for these extravagant tools but I wager that its not from the money made from pushing chisels though wood.
I use all of my Bridge City tools with the same regard as any of my other tools. I think in many (most?) cases people buy them as an investment & so they never get used. I've still much to learn about planes and chisels but life's experience tells me that a professional can end up with every bit as much quality in a furniture piece using much less expensive tools. i.e. Sam Maloof even though he was given expensive tools most often used simple, cheap tools like a wooden yard stick for laying out radii & drawing with chalk on the floor.
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