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Default Detailed Interior Systainer Dimensions

For more general info see this thread Festool Systainer - Standard

Most of the info is contained in the drawings. But here are some additional notes-

I took the measurements with Woodpecker's Woodworking Rules. If you are building deviders or inserts based soley on these dimensions you should allow 1/32 - 1/16" for differences in measuring tools and manufacturing tolerances.

If you are planning to have something fit into one of the "nooks and cranies" allow 1/16 - 1/8" tolerance. There are a lot of bevels and rounds going into and out of spaces. EX- if making something to fit into a 2" space on the drawing make it 1 7/8" .

In general the sides of Systainers have a slight slope from top to bottom. If you are making deviders it helps to cut the ends with 1/16-1/8" angle.

The locations of the reinforcing ribs along the back bottom are NOT precise in the drawings, but they are close- the center space is the most off. I had trouble getting it to work out to the total on Sketchup. Also the ribs are about 1/16" thick.

The space in the lid varies. Though the lid is about an inch deep there is less than that useable, and in some spots no usable space. The locations and size of the lid ribs, projections and handle are too much to diagram here. Don't count on being able to have items in the Systainer stick up past the top edge of the bottom.

There are three tabs the protrude from the top into the bottom space. They protrude 3/16" down into the bottom, and are 9/16" wide and 1/16" thick. The tab width runs the long way of the Systainer. They are located along the short sides of the lid. From the outside back 3 5/16", 5 5/16", 7 1/4".

There are two similar tabs along the front edge of the lid. Located , from the outside left, 6 3/16" , and 9 3/8".

The bottom (floor) has five differing levels. The Systainer heights (below) are based on the majority surface area level. There is a Cross (plus sign) that is raised 1/32" above this. AND the more noticable X (multiplication sign) that is raised 3/16" above this. So if something like the bottom of a tray will touch the floor throughout- you need to subtract 3/16" from the height listed below. See pic of bottom for reference. The X is 5/8" wide.

The Systainers from Tanos (as opposed to Festool Systainers) do not have the tubular stiffener along the inside, top, back edge. I would imagine that this could be ordered as a part from Festool and added if desired.

Interior heights from bottom to top edge.

Systainer - I = 3"

Systainer - II = 5 1/16"

Systainer - III = 7 1/8"

Systainer - IV = 11 1/4"

Systainer - V =

Systainer I - IV dimensions part #1


Systainer II - V details

Systainer - I details


Systainer I - V dimensions part #2


Systainer II - V bottom


Systainer I - V Top


Systainer I Bottom

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