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Default Re: What brand(s) of finishing products do you use?

Always been a Sherwin fan. Every product, no, but the vast majority are good.
BLO, sure, straight Tung, love the stuff from Sutherland Welles, true polymerised. Sherwin CAB, straight nitro, catalyzed lacquers all have done well by me.
Wrote an article about using KemAqua a few years ago. Great product, amazingly durable.
I'm a fan of the powdered milk paint you get from the Old Fashioned folks in MA.
Pratt 38 varnish wins for old school varnish.
Shellac. We have a vendor, uber secret. i don't think anyone else orders from there and man the quality is phenominal. 5 colors, all dewaxed, every one of them blows every other shellac I've ever tried out of the water. Stuff comes straight from India to here fresh. We actually take it out of the muslin bags and have to weigh and package it.
General Finishes, in general (no pun, really!) is a line we carry at the store and I've been pleasantly surprised by most of it.
We have a "budget" floor finish from Harco which honestly is one of the nicest polys I've used. And I think there's a special place in hell for Poly, just as a rule.
Behlen makes great stuff the majority of the time, and of all the fillers I've tried, I like Bartleys the best. Behlen waterborne is 2nd but is an awfully fast drier.
Most everything I've touched in a yellow Minwax can has been garbage. And that is a Sherwin produced line. Oh well.
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