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Default Re: Fuji Mini Mite 3

I have a 4 stage Capspray turbine setup i got from Sherwin Williams. It does a good job and portability and less overspray make it work for my needs. It is not the same as a Sata or DeVillbus but you don't have to have a huge compressor either. General makes a good WB that can be brushed as well. I have been using WBs for 20 some years when not much was available other than Benjamin Moore water based urethane that would yellow and do other wacky things. Of all the WBs I have used, even with tinting, they all have "milky" look on dark stained surfaces. Hesse makes a good WB that is spray only and there is a local shutter builder that uses it exclusively. If you have ever sprayed shutters that says a lot. I hate finishing shutters! Skill comes with use and you can get great results with the Fuji as well as other HVLP turbines. They are really good for handrails and spindles on site. If you want to use a solvent base product Hesse makes a post catalyzed lacquer/urethane that is extremely tough and some contractor friends have used it in some exterior applications.
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