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Default Re: Water Based Products

Originally Posted by Qwas View Post
How is the price compared to Target's?

Most of the stuff is pretty much in the same range. Here's the prices for this product. I tend to not worry so much about the cost (to a point I guess) but would rather have the best product I can get. I don't wanna ever go back to the house to fix my work. I wanna make sure I'm building them something else to remodel another part of it. We want zero defects... The finish on this product matches what we are looking to achieve and while I don't have enough practical experience from what I've seen appears very durable (It meets and\or exceeds KCMA standards)

150 Sealer = $52.50 gallon
245 Top Coat = $55.00 gallon
Cross Linker = $112.00 Liter (use about 2 oz. per gallon)

Primer = $30.50 gallon
Paint = $62.00 gallon white $69.00 gallon tinted
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