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Default Water Based Products

The other day I had a guy come from the Los Angeles area to me to demonstrate some water based products. The company carries Target as well as several other brands. He went over the products and we did some spraying. The product that I have now selected as my standard is made by a company called "Renner". You can use a cross linker in both the seal coat and finish coat, it's up to you. It's pretty hard to find any information online about this product as it's Italy based. I'm very impressed at this point with what I've seen and tested. The 245 top coat looks like Vanilla pudding but sprays out and flatens out very nicely. I saw a lot of samples of Target and this product and while I find the target stuff was nice, I liked this better. The products mentioned below are clear and not amber. I don't like the amber finish for what I do. Let me know if you want any other info.

Sealer - Renner 150
Top Coat - Renner Y010-E245-30 (30 is satin, 10 is flat, 50 semi, 80 gloss)
Cross Linker - YC E401 (reticulation additive)
Retarder if needed during hot/dry times - Target SA5 works well
Primer for painted products - YLE 180-02
Paint Product (doesn not need to be clear coated and can be cross linked) Y015M760-SBN
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