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Default Re: My new toy: prepare to drool!

I hadn't noticed that, Mirko. If it were an animal, I was thinking maybe more a rhinoceros. But it really reminds me of a 1930's art deco train engine. All streamlined and built for action!

I was cutting the cheek of a tenon in some cherry today - it was about 6" long. I got a single shaving from each pass of the plane - thinner than paper. Amazing! This is one sweet plane.

Bring a tenon by, and try it out, guys. You can sit in my barstools and try out the bed, too!
I don't have as many Festools as Fred. Or Marcou's, or Brese's, or Lie-Nielsen's, or Lee Valley's, or Blue Spruce's, or Harold and Saxon's, or...
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