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Default Re: My new toy: prepare to drool!

Steve, I just took it out and cut a shallow rabbet - cross grain - on a piece of cherry. With no fiddling at all, it produced long shavings that were about the same thickness as a cell. You could hold them up and see the individual wood fibers - you could see through them! And the way it feels in your hand - it's like putting on a glove. It's surprisingly heavy, but so smooth and easy to use. Every time I use my LN shoulder plane I end up bleeding from the knuckle that goes in the hole in the side. This Bridge City plane was made for me!

And that was probably the first time it had ever been used. Made in 2005 I think (I'll have to check). Poor, lonely plane. I'm sure it's happy to find a home where it can make a living!
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